ADD Talent Network is an online business and digital network for all creative people inspiring talent, talent agencies/scouts and entertainment industry scouts & companies.

ADD Talent Network brand name was purchased originally purchased through her majesty Company House in 2013. After extensive research and the search for the innovative & interactive technology; ADD Talent Network are now available in both Apple IOS app market and Google Play android stores.

As young people (generation z and millenniums) continue to embrace the digital world (online); they are heavily dependent on social media and networking to constantly search and communicate and operate within their daily lives.; ADD Talent Network provides a digital solution and combines the current and future solution for inspiring talented & creative people to operate as it provides an all-inclusive digital world for Talent (accessible online 24 hours per day).

With key connections within the world of entertainment to help reinforce the appeal, support and inspiration of talent people; ADD Talent Network offers a unique and innovative digital platform for all creative and talented people.

As technology continues to advance; ADD Talent Network provides a digital solution for inspiring talented, influencers, creatives & young people. ADD Talent Network provides an all-inclusive digital world service for Talent online. Such services include:

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